Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Order a Birthday Cake with Toy?

The birthday cakes with toys are quite popular with Bamboo Bakery. It’s only because when we use the toys as props we want it to look great. All our cakes with toys, we like to make the scenery have a more realistic vibe to it. All are cakes will always look great, and taste even better. To order a cake with toys is simple.

     1. Step one, figure out the theme of the cake, color scheme, design of the cake, and possible flavors for the cakes
  2. Step two, call us at 602.246.8061 or come into Bamboo Bakery; we will be gladly to assist you. When you talk with us, first thing we must discuss is when you need the cake by. There are times we can’t make the cake in the time that is given to us because of the shipment of ingredients or because of the abundance of previous orders.  To make sure that we are able to make your cake, call ahead and order in advance.
  3. Step three, describe to us what you are looking for and what toys you are looking to have on the cake. The supply of toys may be limited, and often time we have to order it. Although, some toys may not look the same in the pictures because the toys ordered from our provider may change in design because of the manufacture. Although, you can bring us the toy and we can design the cake accordingly.
    4. Step four, we will go over your order, make sure everything is exactly what you are looking for, and once you are satisfied we will make everything final
  5.   See you on the day of pickup, most likely you will be more than satisfied with the outcome of all the cakes that Bamboo Bakery makes. 
You can visit our website: http://bamboobakery.com/page/Birthday-Cake-With-Toy.asp for more information or Call 602-246-8061 if you have any more question!
Ordering a Birthday Cakes with Toys is simple, we just a phone call or a visit away. Only thing that we ask is for you is to plan ahead and let us know as soon as possible so that you can get your orders in.

Prices of Basic Birthday Cakes with Toys:

1/8: 38.95 plus tax
1/4: 54.95 plus tax
1/2: 90.95 plus tax
¾: 135.95 plus tax
Full Sheet: 175.95 plus tax
Toy are extra 2.50-15.00 depend to which toy, but you can bring it in as well.

** Prices may change depending to seasons and some flavors such as tiramisu, carrot cake, cheese cake, sugar free, …**

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