Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Labor Day Cake for Celebration !

Labor Day is right around the corner. We know that all of you men and women are out there working hard and living life day by day. Bamboo Bakery wants to show our appreciation for all you hard workers out there with our Special for Labor Day. So celebrate Labor Day weekend with a yummy cake from yours truly Bamboo Bakery.

Our special for this holiday is 25% off all Labor Day Cakes. You can choose: ¼ sheet chocolate or vanilla cake with Bavarian cream with fresh cut strawberries and decorated with drizzle chocolate and fresh fruit or a gift box with Red Blue and white stars.
Original Price: $50 including tax, but with 25% off you can save and pay only $37.50.

To be a part of this special offer, you have to be our friend on our Facebook page: , so if you aren’t already add us now so that you can take advantage of this special offer. Hurry and order your Labor Day cake, we are getting so many orders for labor day cakes, because it’s just a day to rest and enjoy family time, and lots of people are getting cakes to celebrate this holiday and share with their loves one. Offer expires 6PM September  1, 2011. So get your orders in as soon as possible. Call 602.246.8061
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Thank you and enjoy your Labor Day.

David Pham
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bamboo Bakery’s Open House:

Bamboo Bakery’s Open House:

Everyone is invited to our Open House next Friday, August 12, 2011, from 11am-5pm.
Bamboo Bakery wants to give everyone a chance to come to the bakery and see our newly designed showroom. At Open House, we will be more than happy to answer any question you may have about cakes, and everyone would be able to try a couple of different flavors of our cakes, compliments from us, we just want everyone to try our quality if they haven’t done so already. Everyone is welcome.

Friday, August 11, 2011 from 11am-5pm
Please call 602.246.8061 for your Free RSVP; we want to accommodate for those who will be attending.

Bamboo Bakery is presenting Expo 10 and Fashion show…

Bamboo Bakery is presenting Expo 10 and Fashion show…

We would like all of you to come out and enjoy is wonderful event that we are hosting. If you are planning a party, wedding, or a wedding event and you don’t know where to start come out and have some fun with us.

On November 13, 2013 Expo 10
Holiday Inn & Suites Phoenix Airport
3220 S 48th St. Phoenix, AZ, from 5-8pm

There will be lots of live entertainment. We have food and beverages available. Most importantly we have up to 30 different party vendors that you can talk to. They will be very helpful in answering any question and will provide some samples of their work. Bamboo Bakery will have their sales represent there to answer any cake questions and will be providing free cake testing and samples.

Friends, Family, and or acquaintance are more than welcome to come, admission is free. Call 602.246.8061 for your free RSVP. There are plenty of giveaways that night too; Bamboo Bakery will be giving a $500 wedding cake. Be there and see what you can win.

Come out and have fun!
Bamboo Bakery.

Cake Flavor and Fillings

Chocolate Mouse - Espresso Mousse - Milk Mousse - Chocolate Rum - Chocolate Banana Strawberry Rum - Chocolate Strawberry & Rum - Chocolate Strawberry - Strawberry & Cream Chocolate Fruits & Cream - Chocolate Mocha - Chocolate Raspberry Brandy - Chocolate Raspberry - Chocolate Creme De Menthe - Chocolate Fresh Banana - Banana Strawberry Chocolate Fudge - German Chocolate - Black Forest - Coffee Cream - Young Coconut & Cream.
Vanilla Rum - Fresh Banana and Rum - Fresh Banana Walnut & Rum - Vanilla Raspberry - Raspberry Brandy - Vanilla Peach - Peaches & Cream - Peaches & Grand Marnier - Pineapple Pineapple Rum - Vanilla Mango - Pina Colada - Coconut Cream - Vanilla Champagne
Passion Fruits Mousse - Strawberry & Cream - Frruits & Cream - Young Coconut & Cream - Vanilla Amaretto - Vanilla Strawberry Amaretto - Vanilla Durian - Vanilla Coffee - Chocolate Rum - Chocolate Mousse - Espresso Mousse - Milk Mousse - Lemon Mousse- White Chocolate Mousse - White Chocolate Mousse Raspberry - Chocolate Forest - Mocha.

Lemon Fresh Strawberry - Lemon Fesh Strawberry & Rum - Lemon Raspberry - Lemon Raspberry & Rum - Lemon Raspberry Mousse - Lemon Straberry & Cream - Fruits & Cream - Lemon Mango & Cream -White Chocolate Mousse - Lemon with WC _ Mouse & Orange -Lemon Mousse - Lemon Pineapple - Lemon Raspberry & Rum.
Chocolate Mousse - Espresso Mousse - Milk Mousse - Chocolate Rum -- Chocolate Banana Rum - Chocolate Strawberry Banana & Rum - Chocolate Strawberry - Chocolate Strawberry & Cream _ Chocolate Fruits & Cream - Chocolate Mocha - Chocolate Raspberry - Chocolate Fresh Banana - Chocolate Banana Strawberry - Coffee Cream - Forest Vanilla Mango - Coconut & Cream - Apple & Cream - Plain Cream - Fresh Banana Walnut & Rum - Raspberry & Cream - Raspberry Mousse - Raspberry Brandy - Fruits & Cream - Peach & Grand Marnier - Pineapple & Rum - white Chocolate Mousse - Passion Fruit Mousse - Champagne & Straberry - Orange & Cream.
Lemon Raspberry - Champagne Strawberry - Champagne Fresh Banana - Champagne Peach - Champagne Pineapple - Strawbeey Mousse - Raspberry Mousse - White Chocolate Mousse - White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse- Passion Fruits Mousse - Fruits & Cream _ Vanilla Mango - Pina Colada - Young Coconut & Cream.
Apple Spice - Apple Crum - Pineapple (Cream) - Banana Cream - Chocolate Mousse - Fresh Banana - Fresh Cream & Young Coconut - White Chocolate Strawberry Mousse - White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse.
Cream Chess - White Chocolate Mousse Orange - Orange Pineapple & White Mousse.
New York Style - Raspberry -Strawberry - Blueberry - Cherry - Mocha - Cappuccino - Marble Style
Cream Cheese - Chocolate Mousse - Espresso Mousse - Milk Mousse - Chocolate Rum - Chocolate Straberry & Rum - Chocolate Strawberry - Chocolate Strawberry & Cream - Chocolate Mocha - Chocolate Raspberry Brandy - Chocolate Raspberry Brandy - Chocolate Raspberry - Chocolate Fudge - German Chocolate - Chocolate Black Forest - Coffee Cream.
Fruits & Cream - Strawberry & Cream - Young Coconut & Cream -Raspberry & Lemon Crean.