Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Questions and Answer !

Frequently Asked Wedding Cake Questions:

Bamboo bakery is here to the rescue, we want everyone to know the answers to questions that you might have or maybe lots have asked. We want to help in any way that we can, so we answered each question with a few key points that you should keep in mind while ordering a wedding cake. We want your wedding cake ordering experience to be great, and we want to be able to schedule you in and we would be so grateful to be a part of your big day. No wedding with special without that special cake, that memorable flavor and design that is the next center of attention to the bride and groom. The cake is what represent and at the same time celebrate your unity as husband and wife.

1/How far in advance do we have to order a wedding cake?
Well usually it depends a lot on the date, we would have to check if your day is available or not. We would suggest maybe 6 months or more in advance, although we do have some last-minute ones that we would get into because you don’t want anyone to go without a wedding cake for their special day. Also, we would have to take into consideration about the custom part, if it’s more stylistic we would need more time. So, the sooner you call the better. We took order up to 3 years in advance.

2/Is there a lot of people that order 3 years in advance?
There are actually a lot of people that do that, it’s because sometimes it’s not wedding cake that they are looking to order. They may want to order anniversary cakes, sweet 16 cakes, or Quinceanera, and or wedding cakes. As for wedding cakes, if you know that you are going to be together forever, why not. Also, if you have a 12- or 13-year-old, you know that you are going to be 15 and 16 soon, so why not. Think ahead, it’s saved you time, money and guaranty to have a cake from us.  also, those enjoyable time of cake tasting and custom your own cake, especially if the prices can be changing every month. 

3/How much cheaper if we were to order in advance?
Every month the prices might changes, it only changes because we have to take into considerate of the state of the economy. Depending on gas, ingredients, and or etc, the prices would go up or down. Although, we always want great prices for all of our customers, so we take that into consideration too. We have the best prices compared to other bakeries, at the same time our cakes look great and taste absolutely amazing.
Every month the prices do change depending to the ingredients and gas. So, Order as soon as possible.

4/How can I order a cake if my significant other is serving in the military?
We support our troops, male and female. We want to show our appreciation for those to serve and risk their lives to fight for our country, so we are willing to work with you in these types of situations. We open a more flexible window for you; you would have to tell us two months before hand, if you were to change the date of the wedding. We would keep everything the same, price and all but push the date back. Also, we have special discounts if both to be bride and groom serve in the military, we off 10 percent off. If one serves that would be 5 percent discount for our men or women of the military.

5/Are there special discounts because of our economy?
We know are aware of the state of our economy, and we are willing to cut price wherever we can. So, if you were to attend one of many bridal/fashions shows we are giving away discounts just for you attending. You would get 75 dollars off your wedding cake if you have more than 100 guests and 50 dollars off your wedding cake, if you were to have less than 100 guests. At these shows you also have a chance to win a 500-dollar free wedding cake, the winners of the wedding cake would have to attend and have to be present at the time we call out your name. We are also giving random discounts on Facebook, so follow us on and hear about them on there.

6/Where can I check for pictures and prices of cakes that are more original and not custom?
You can check on, here we have several pictures of wedding cakes that aren’t really custom. So, if you already know what you want, just give us a call and we will get you in as soon as possible.

7/Where can we try your cake?
Everyone can try our cakes at all the events that we are a part of and the ones that we are hosting. At all these places, we would bring samples of our most popular cakes. You can try all the flavors that you want. So come join us whenever you get the chance. To know the date and time, just check our website, and or pick up a flyer at the bakery. We host our monthly Cake tasting on the 1st Thursday of every month, which you can try 8 different delicious cake and filling also dessert table as well. The event starts at 5PM and end at 7PM.

8/Can I bring my own design?
Yes, you can bring in your own design. We actually would love it if you were too, because that would help us sketch out that perfect cake just the way that you imagined it. So don’t ever hesitate of telling us your crazy thoughts and ideas. Also, bring in whatever you can you help us get on the same page as what you want your wedding cake to look like. We have over 30 years of experience design cakes, so we do have the experience and knowledge to make whatever that is that you are picturing a reality.

9/Where can I check out your bakery’s reviews by past brides?
You can check,, and and many more. All the reviews on there are of brides that have used us in the past, they will let you know how great we are.

10/Where do you guys deliver to?
We deliver Arizona-wide, although there is a delivering fee, to know about how much it is; you would have to give us the exact address and we would calculate from there. The traveling fee is quite reasonable, so don’t let that stand in your way of asking us to deliver. We do have lots of orders that are nationwide as well, for those orders we ask you to order at least 2 years in advance, because we have lots of places to go all over the US, at the same time all of Arizona. Our delivery fee starts at $45.

11/Do you make the flower sugar, icing, and fresh flowers?
We do all of these flowers. Fresh flowers are most common, we ask our bride or groom to bring in their flowers. Just so that we would match the right flower and color. As icing, we do make them in the color as you want, so that would be simple. As for the sugar flowers, its takes time to make. So, if you were to order a cake with sugar flower, we would advise you to order more in advance because these take lots of time to make.

12/ What's your Requirements for Wedding Cake, Custom Cake and tier Birthday Cake?
All cake accessories are to be returned to Bamboo Bakery no later than two weeks after the event. The items are to be returned in good condition, and there will be a $25 fee per week there after. A deposit of $100 will be required for the cake accessories (Cake stand, places columns and related parts). This deposit is fully refundable, once the items are returned with the time frame given. The final guests count is to be confirmed by the customer, 2 weeks prior to the event. If we are placing a cake topper on your cake, you need to have it delivered to the bakery 2 weeks prior to the event; flowers and ribbon will be two or three days prior to the event. We take all order on a first come first serve basis. In order to guarantee a reserved cake for your event date, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit, cake accessories deposit; and the remaining balance to be paid two weeks prior to the event.

13. What's your requirements for customers who have cake in the wholesale package? 
If the cake is part of package with wholesale/ catering company, it is your responsibility to make sure that the guest count you give is the same that you give us, or you will be charged the difference. Also, you have to make sure to return the cake accessories back to the bakery no later than two weeks after the event.

14/ What's your policy of return and cancellation for Birthday Cake, Custom Cake, Wedding cake and other type of Cake?
Because we are custom bakery, and we make everything by order only, so your cake is special and just make for you. If the service is cancelled, the 50% down payment is non-refundable. If the service was cancelled completely 2 weeks prior to the party day of your order, you will be charge. 

We hope that we have answered all your questions. We tried to answer as best as we can, but at the same time tell you some points that you only benefit you. If you were to have more questions just email us at or give us a call 602-246-8061 for more information and faster service.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Save Save Save !

Save, Save, and Save
Our economy as of now is at a stance, we need to learn on ways to save! Bamboo Bakery is here is help; we want our customers to save their money at the same time getting their moneys’ worth. We are all about quality, and if we can help you save we will. There are plenty ways that you can save with us, it’s simple. Saving is everything, and our Bakery wants our loyal customers to save in any way that they possibly can. Our cakes will exceed all expectations and our pricing will be unbelievable.
One of the best ways to save is to order in advance. This key point everything should keep in mind, the further in advance, the higher the discount, and the better. If looking to order a cake the following discount is as follows:
In advance:
6 months: 10%
1 year: 20%
2 years: 40%
3 years: 50%
The first response that customers would tell us about our discount rates would be who would order that far in advance. The list of wedding cakes is ridiculous. There are lots of people that do order that far in advance. So when you know that you need a cake, it wouldn’t hurt to give a call earlier that usual because we are here. The discounts are always going to be here for anyone to take advantage of. So if you need a cake, give us a call and put in your order as soon as possible.
Another way that you can save and save even more is by attending our shows. Just by coming out and supporting us, we will discount you on that. So, if you need a wedding cake, or anniversary cake, and or a quince cake, and or big cake, come. Our next shows would be on May 22, 2011, August 21, 2011, and all the other events would be listed on our website, www. Admission is free. At these bridal shows we offer free cake testing, and we provide many varieties of cake flavors and fillings. We want everyone to try our cake, and just see the quality and heart that we put into our cakes, just to show that we are the bakery that you are looking for.
Discounts at shows:
100 guests or more: $75 off
Less than 100 guests: $50 off

These rates are there just by attending. On top of that there will be a lucky person that would receive $500 dollars off their wedding cake, but this present would have to be present at the time that his or her name is called, just to be fair. Look at all the ways so far that you can save. One is by ordering in advance and the other is by coming out and supporting at our bridal expos that we host.
Although, we are not done yet; the other way that you can save with us is by giving us your email. Usually, we have a form at the bakery for you to put your name and email address on. Although, we want to make it a little easier you can just email us your email address at Just by being part of our fan mail, we will personally send special discounts and offers to you. Also, for our fellow fan on Face book :!/pages/Bamboo-Bakery/199195579107 , we will post our discounts and offers on there to.
There are lots you can do for discounts on cake, feel free to take advantage of it. Our cakes will exceed all expectations. You have many opportunities to try our cakes, at the bridal expo shows, or even at events that we are apart of to check out the quality of our cakes. That being said, we have over 150 different favors and fillings to choose from. Come in or give us a call and put in your orders, discounts are waiting to be used and take advantage of.