Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Order a Birthday Cake?

Ordering a birthday cake with Bamboo Bakery is quite simple. There are simple steps that you must follow in order to insure that you have that perfect cake for your occasion. All the cakes that come out of Bamboo Bakery are made to perfection and from nothing other than the best and fresh ingredients.

   1.Step one, you must plan ahead and figure when exactly what kind of cake you are looking for. Also, decide on a design that you are picturing for your birthday cakes. If your designs are hard to explain over the phone we advise you to come in, one of our friendly sales representatives will be more than happy to help you through the process.
   2. Step two, after you figure out what you want call us at 602.246.8061 or come to Bamboo Bakery and tell us what you are looking for. Describe the design, color scheme, flavor of the cakes, number of guest, and tell us exactly when need the cake by. There are times when we can’t promise to make your cake due to the busy seasons or if we are unable to have certain ingredients shipped to us in the time needed to make the scrumptious cake. Often times, some flavors come from overseas, LA, New York and time is require for those special ingredients to be shipped to us.
   3. Step three, Bamboo Bakery will go over what you are order and make sure that everything is correct. We will personally make sure that you are satisfied with everything before making the order final.
   4. Step four, we will see you again on the day that you pick it up, or in some cases when we deliver it to you. If you are interested in us delivering your cakes, please let us know accordingly.

The perfect birthday cake can be taken care of in a matter of minutes, call us at 602.246.8061 and also check out our website http://bamboobakery.com/page/Birthday-Cake.asp . If the design that you are looking different from the usual basic birthday cakes, we advise you to come in so that you can speak with us personally.

Prices of Basic Birthday Cakes:

1/8: 42.95 plus tax
1/4: 52.95 plus tax
1/2: 89.95 plus tax
¾: 129.95 plus tax
Full Sheet: 179.95 plus tax

** Prices may change depending to seasons and some Popular flavors or Custom flavor…**

Thanks and talk to you soon

 David Pham
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