Friday, July 7, 2023

Our Upcoming Cake Tasting Event will be on August 3rd 2023

Bamboo Bakery would like to Thank everyone who attended our cake tasting event yesterday July 7th.

Our next upcoming Cake Tasting event will be on August 3rd, 2023, which also includes our dessert table.

A reminder that we have *SPECIAL OFFER* that expires at the end of Aug 2023


If you would like to attend the Cake Tasting Event August 3rd, 2023, Please RSVP

Fee: $5 at the door

Limited Entrance. Click "sign up" below to sign up

 Have a great day and see you soon, 

Please sign up for discount/ coupon and email:

Bamboo Bakery
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BAMBOO BAKERY NEW LOCATION:  1619 E Monte Vista RD Phoenix, AZ 85006

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