Monday, July 4, 2022

Cake Tasting MENU for Bamboo Bakery July 7th 2022

We would like to invited you to Bamboo Bakery monthy Cake Tasting Event:
Date and Time: 5-7PM Thursday July 7th 2022 
Location: Bamboo Bakery/ Wedding Plaza 
Address: 1619 E Monte Vista Rd Phoenix AZ 85006
Cake Tasting MENU: You will enjoy our 12 different flavor of cake and filling: 
 1. Pineapple with Pineapple and Cream 
 2. Red Velvet with Chocolate Fudge 
 3. Raspberry Cake with Lemon Curd and Lemon Cream 
 4. Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Jam and Bavarian Cream
Part 2 
5. Mango Cake with Mango and Cream 
 6. Almond Cake with Fresh Strawberry and Cream 
 7. Chocolate Cake with Moca Cream 
 8. Orange Cake with Orange Cream
Part 3: 
 You will enjoy 4 popular flavors from Brides and Grooms Choose from last year: 
9. Almond Strawberry 
10. Chocolate Mousse 
 11. Pink Champagne Raspberry 
12. Red Velvet Cream Cheese 

Fee: $5 at the door
Limited Entrance. Click "sign up" below to sign up

 Thanks and See you soon, 
 Bamboo Bakery, 
 Please sign up for discount/ coupon and email: 
Bamboo Bakery 
Voted Best 2007- 2022
 Phone (602)246-8061 
 1619 E Monte Vista RD Phoenix, AZ 85006

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