Friday, August 19, 2016

Cake Tasting MENU for September WEDDING EXPO

To have a great tasting cake with a beautiful & elegant look, Bamboo Bakery use Butter Cream (more sweet) or WhipCream (less sweet) to cover our cake (None of our cake in our website is cover with fondant, we only cover fondant to our cake by request)

Every month we want you to try our 8 delicious from over 250 flavors from our list.
This month we focus more in HOLIDAYS flavors so you can enjoy and get ready for your upcoming event.

Here is our MENU: ( will upload the menu soon )
1. Cranberry Cake with Mix Fruits filling
2. Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mint and Strawberry Jam
3. Almond Cake with Banana Peanut Coconut 
4. Maple Cake with Moca 

5. Orange Cake with Orange Zest 
6. Pumpkin Cake with Strawberry Jam
7. Raspberry Cake with Pineapple & Cream 
8. Chocolate Peanut Cake with Raspberry Jam

Also you will enjoy food tasting and meet one on one with our selective wedding vendors to get ready for your special event.
Giveaway will throughout the night. 
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 David Pham
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