Friday, April 24, 2015

Winner of $500.00 Cake!

We would like to thanks to all, who stop by our booth at Phoenix Pride 2015.
Here is the WINNER of $500.00 Cake:
 Congratulation to ​Joshua Lopez
​The WINNER of $500.00 Cake The last 4 number of phone is ​3475​.
Please call 602-246-8061 to claim your Prize! This Prize is Expire ​May​ ​31​, 2015
How to use your $500.00 Cake?

1. You can apply it to your wedding cake:
If you have a wedding coming up, let use it for your wedding cake. You can also order the bigger can and pay the different.
2. You can apply it to your Graduate cake:
If you have a Graduate Party and need a cake, it is the time for you to use your $500.00 Cake. Choose any flavor of the cake and design custom your own cake.
3. You can apply it to any other party cake:
If you have a baby shower, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversary, .... or any kind of Just because...
you can use you $500.00 cake to make your own custom cake from Bamboo Bakery.
Give us a call (602)246-8061 to set up an appointment to go over the detail of your cake. Let make it special!
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Have a great day and See you soon to our upcoming events!

David Pham
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